Cook, Peter / Moore, Dudley

Cook, Peter / Moore, Dudley: Not Only Peter Cook But Also Dudley Moore

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Artist: Cook, Peter / Moore, Dudley
Title: Not Only Peter Cook But Also Dudley Moore

Not Only... But Also was a popular 1960s BBC British sketch comedy show starring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. The show was originally intended as a solo project for Moore, called Not Only Dudley Moore, But Also His Guests. However, unsure about going it alone, Moore invited his partner from Beyond the Fringe, Peter Cook, to guest in the pilot (along with Diahann Carroll and John Lennon, who was to make two more appearances during the course of the series). So well received by the studio audience was their double act, in particular the first "Dagenham Dialogue", "A Spot of the Usual Trouble", that Cook was invited to become a permanent fixture and the show became Not Only Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, But Also Their Guests, though it was only ever really referred to as Not Only... But Also. This somewhat cumbersome title was later referred to by Cook in an interview as "another of Dudley's plodding ideas". Three series were made: January to April 1965 (prod/dir Joe McGrath), January to February 1966 (prod/dir Dick Clement) and February to May 1970 (prod/dir Jimmy Gilbert). John Street produced the (surviving) 1966 Boxing Day Special.

1.1 The Ravens
1.2 Superstitions
1.3 Tramponuns
1.4 Art Gallery
1.5 Initials
1.6 Religions

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