Corb Lund: Counterfeit Blues

Corb Lund: Counterfeit Blues
Title: Counterfeit Blues
Label: New West Records

'The tracks on this album are all previously recorded songs that we've been playing in concert for years since their initial release. We've re-cut them over two nights in Memphis at Sun Studios to capture the live energy of the songs. They were recorded with all the instruments in the same room with no isolation, everything live, vocals included, no overdubs. Enjoy' - Corb Lund.

1.1 Counterfeiters' Blues
1.2 Good Copenhagen
1.3 Big Butch Bass Bull Fiddle
1.4 Hair in My Eyes Like a Highland Steer
1.5 Little Foothills Heaven
1.6 Five Dollar Bill
1.7 Buckin' Horse Rider
1.8 Hurtin' Albertan
1.9 (Gonna) Shine Up My Boots
1.10 Truck Got Stuck
1.11 Roughest Neck Around
1.12 Truth Comes Out

Corb Lund: Counterfeit Blues

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