Corb Lund

Corb Lund: Losin' Lately Gambler

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Artist: Corb Lund

Artist: Corb Lund
Title: Losin' Lately Gambler

Corb Lund is a Canadian musician/cowboy/3rd generation Albertan rancher who has crafted an exhilarating style of western music. His new album Losin Lately Gambler is propelled by a galloping stand-up bass, steel guitar and is set to Corb's Jack London-esque yarns about down-and-out cowboys, whiskey and ranching. The sound is tough to categorize but the mix of roughnecks, bikers, bankers, and ranch hands you'll see drinking and standing shoulder to shoulder at one of his concerts will all agree, Corb Lund is authentic. Lund was born and raised in rural southern Alberta. He has been singing about his country upbringing for more than a decade on critically acclaimed albums such as five dollar bill (2002) and hair in my eyes like a highland steer (2005).

1.1 Horse Doctor, Come Quick
1.2 Steer Rider's Blues
1.3 A Game in Town Like This
1.4 Alberta Says Hello
1.5 Talkin' Veterinarian Blues
1.6 It's Hard to Keep a White Shirt Clean
1.7 Long Gone to Saskatchewan
1.8 Devil's Best Dress
1.9 The Only Long Rider I Know
1.10 Chinook Wind
1.11 This Is My Prairie
1.12 Rye Whiskey/Time to Switch to Whiskey [Live]

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