Corn on Macabre

Corn on Macabre: Discographic Violence

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Artist: Corn on Macabre

Artist: Corn on Macabre
Title: Discographic Violence
Product Type: VINYL LP

Record Store Day exclusive.

1.1 Trojan Clown
1.2 When Will We Learn?
1.3 I Watched Friday the 13th at My Grandmother's House and She Wasn't Into It (But She Let Me Watch Anyway)
1.4 Shut Up and Play Something Evil
1.5 Bad Lieutenant
1.6 Pterodactyl Shutdown
1.7 Who Wants to Be An Alien?
1.8 You're Okay, I'm Undead
1.9 Boris Karloff Is Dead
1.10 Madballs
1.11 Specially Made Sunglasses
1.12 Kentucky Fried Genetically Altered Bird-Type Animal
1.13 Deleted Scene

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