Corpsefucking Art: Splatter Deluxe

Corpsefucking Art: Splatter Deluxe
Title: Splatter Deluxe
Label: Comatose

Comatose Music and Italian death-grinders Corpsefucking Art have joined forces for the long-awaited reissue of their 2003 gore classic 'Splatter Deluxe'. This mammoth album has been out of print for many years and is finally available again, completely remastered with five bonus tracks taken from their 2001 'Zombiecromicon' split CD with Goretrade. Plus, an all-new twelve page layout to complement this enduring composition of blood-soaked brutality. If you missed this back in 2003, now is your chance to add this raging opus of absolute carnage to your collection!

1.1 The Freezer's Monster
1.2 Necroromantic
1.3 Splatter Deluxe
1.4 Pet (Ting) Sematary
1.5 Robocorpse
1.6 Gore Mon Amour
1.7 Suck My Corpse
1.8 Dawson's Crypt
1.9 Corpsex II (The New Menu)
1.10 All You Need Is Gore
1.11 Four on a Meathook
1.12 Oblivious to Evil (Deicide Cover)
1.13 Demented
1.14 Pig Pong
1.15 Corpsex (Bonus Track)
1.16 Four on a Meathook (Bonus Track)
1.17 Homicidal Chainsaw Butchery (Bonus Track)
1.18 Addicted to Murder (Bonus Track)
1.19 Bloodcraving (Mortician Cover) (Bonus Track)

Corpsefucking Art: Splatter Deluxe

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