Cory Morrow

Cory Morrow: Whiskey And Pride

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Cory Morrow

Title: Whiskey And Pride
Label: Write on Records

2018 release. Cory Morrow didn't become a Texas legend by being quiet. He sings about strippers and Jesus with equal fervor. While this dichotomy may leave those on either side of the moral equator perplexed - the answer is actually very simple. Cory Morrow is beautifully and uncomfortably transparent. From the beer soaked, cocaine laden days of his early career, to today's more sober and spiritual leg of the journey, one thing about Morrow has never changed - as goes Cory's life, goes Cory's songs - and that's never been more evident than on his newest studio release, Whiskey and Pride. The record is an aggressive blend of early Morrow sound with a current day perspective. Vintage feel from an evolving heart and mind. The title track, "Whiskey and Pride" features the age-old struggle of love versus ego and cleverly straddles the line of sermon and self-deprecation. The twist comes in the form of a mirror behind a bar that reveals the true identity of the accuser. The track, which is also the first single release, features the Texas Country-style instrumentation prevalent in Morrow's early days, including steel guitar phenom and producer of Whiskey and Pride, Lloyd Maines.

1.1 Restless
1.2 One Foot
1.3 Whiskey and Pride
1.4 Top of My Heart
1.5 Your Smile
1.6 Revival
1.7 Always and Forever
1.8 Blue Collar
1.9 Come on Funny Feelin'
1.10 Daisy Diane
1.11 Let's Take This Outside
1.12 Breath
1.13 Hill Country Rain

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