Cotton Jones

Cotton Jones: Tall Hours In The Glowstream (Opaque Light Blue)

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Cotton Jones

Title: Tall Hours In The Glowstream (Opaque Light Blue)
Label: Suicide Squeeze
Product Type: VINYL LP

Availible for the first time on Opaque Light Blue vinyl. Cotton Jones "Tall Hours In the Glowstream" marks an exciting new chapter in the bands young career. While "Paranoid Cocoon" found the band lending itself to the occasional lengthy jam, Tall Hours... finds Cotton Jones reigning in the songs, for a more succinct pop feel. The resulting sounds are rich and charmingly lo-fi, full of vivid imagery, gorgeous vocal harmonies and makes "Tall Hours in The Glowstream" the band's most accessible album yet.

1.1 Sail of the Silver Morning
1.2 Somehow to Keep It Going
1.3 Glorylight and Christie
1.4 Man Climbs Out of the Winter
1.5 Song in Numbers
1.6 Soft Mountain Shake
1.7 Place at the End of the Street
1.8 More Songs for Margaret
1.9 Goethe Nayburs
1.10 Dream on Columbia Street
1.11 No Things I Need (Like Some Time Ago)

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