Coultrain: Jungle Mumbo Jumbo

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Artist: Coultrain

Artist: Coultrain
Title: Jungle Mumbo Jumbo
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. St. Louis, MO's Coultrain is a folklore. One man simply not of these times. Although, to style him as a 'revivalist,' or a 'futurist,' for that matter, would be as ill-suited for this particular outfit as are the fleeting trends of today. As much a storyteller as he is a story, himself, still unfolding; the man takes many forms. First, there is Aaron Michael Frison, an estranged poet of whom not much is known - who, although his work is deeply personal, his own life story has been told best by the found letters of his lovers past, or through it's most famous interpretations by Coultrain - a St. Louis blues & soul man, born to the marriage of a preacher & muse, who would come to carve his young niche in the world by singing his unconventional tales over not so &'standard' jazz pieces.

1.1 [Untitled]
1.2 [Untitled]
1.3 Gazelles Dance
1.4 A Gem Iza Jewel
1.5 Delilah
1.6 People Like Us (Junk)
1.7 Streams ; Rivers
1.8 Ashera Le Chameleon
1.9 Bat Outta Hell
1.10 Sassyphrass
1.11 Wanted

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