Count Basie: Atomic Mr Basie

Count Basie: Atomic Mr Basie
Title: Atomic Mr Basie
Label: Wax Time
Product Type: VINYL LP

Includes 4 Bonus Tracks! Limited Edition in Solid Orange Virgin Vinyl. 180 gram. New Collection of Colored Classic LPs. Each LP Has It's Own Unique Sticker!!!

1.1 The Kid from Red Bank'
1.2 Duet '
1.3 Splanky'
1.4 Flight of the Foo Birds'
1.5 Double-O'
1.6 Li'l Darlin'
1.7 Whirly-Bird
1.8 Midnite Blue
1.9 After Supper
1.10 Fantail
1.11 Teddy the Toad
1.12 The Late Late Show (Jimmy Mundy) 2:50*

Count Basie: Atomic Mr Basie

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Product-type:VINYL LP
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