Country Joe & the Fish

Country Joe & the Fish: Electric Music For The Mind And Body

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Country Joe & the Fish
Title: Electric Music For The Mind And Body
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing of the debut album from Bay Area psych-rock outfit Country Joe And The Fish, 1967's Electric Music For The Mind And Body was a brazen and melodically inventive introduction to the band. Full of satirical, and pointed lyrics, plus intense and distorted organ-driven melodies, Electric Music offers an inimitable performance by the band. 1967 marked an era of creative expression, political rebellion and experimentation, climaxing in The Summer of Love; and no other location on Earth was quite as synonymous with this period as San Francisco - the center of the counterculture movement. Perhaps one of the best musical representations of this time, place and environment came from a rock band across the Bay, who married progressive protest with groundbreaking, experimental music: Country Joe & the Fish.

1.1 Flying High
1.2 Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine
1.3 Death Sound
1.4 Porpoise Mouth
1.5 Section 43
2.1 Superbird
2.2 Sad and Lonely Times
2.3 Love
2.4 Bass Strings
2.5 The Masked Marauder
2.6 Grace

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