Courtesy Drop

Courtesy Drop: Stablilize

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Artist: Courtesy Drop

Artist: Courtesy Drop
Title: Stablilize
Product Type: VINYL LP

Standing strong against the current of forcing bands into neat little packages is Nashville's Courtesy Drop. The band's emotionally-driven songwriting has never been more successful than on their latest effort, Stabilize. From the soft, spacey beginning of "Space and Interaction," to the pained, heavy-hitting single "Orion," the record travels through a truly impressive range of dynamic levels in an effortless fashion. The result is unusually cohesive for such an ambitious project, and makes for a truly enjoyable listening experience. Stabilize is sure to hit home with fans of emotional post-hardcore legends Cursive and Mineral, but it's melodic guitars and softer moments will also appeal to lovers of indie-rock acts such as Jets to Brazil and You Can Play These Songs with Chords-era Death Cab for Cutie. REd vinyl and comes with download.

1.1 The Eighth Gate
1.2 Orion
1.3 Space and Interaction
1.4 Beauty Is in the Eyes of the Imperfect
1.5 Pegasus
1.6 The Quack Doctor's Sakura Blossoms Part I: The Monster and the Thief
1.7 The Quack Doctor's Sakura Blossoms Part II: A Symbol of Conviction That Defies.
1.8 The Quack Doctor's Sakura Blossoms Part III: Amiudake//A Man Dies When
1.9 The Quack Doctor's Sakura Blossoms Part IV: Inherited Will and the Beckoning Sea 10. the Quack Doctor's Sakura Blossoms Part V: Sakura Blossoms Bloom on the Island.

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