Cousin Emmy

Cousin Emmy: Cousin Emmy & Her Kinfolks 1939-1947

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Cousin Emmy

Title: Cousin Emmy & Her Kinfolks 1939-1947
Label: Bear Family Germany

A bona fide star from the early days of country radio. Cousin Emmy was 'the first hillbilly star to own a Cadillac.' Cousin Emmy wrote a song that has become a bluegrass classic, Ruby (Are You Mad At Your Man)?Cousin Emmy became a favorite of the folk revival crowd during the 1950s and 1960sShe recorded few songs, but Bear Family has acquired some incredibly rare vintage radio shows and private recordings to make a fabulous full-length CD.A fascinating and enigmatic entertainer from the golden age of early country radio, Cousin Emmy has been ill-served by the reissue industry... until now. She was flamboyant, colorful, and sassy (billing herself as 'the first hillbilly star to own a Cadillac') yet she was 'down home' and sincere. She also wrote one of the great bluegrass classics of all-time, Ruby (Are You Mad At Your Man)? and influenced many performers, including Grandpa Jones. Cousin Emmy danced and sang her way into the hearts of everyone who ever saw one of her personal appearances or heard her on the radio.In her heyday, she was one of the best-known and most popular performers in country music. Her career spanned several decades, from the mid-1930s all the way through the 1940s and into the early 1950s, with a revival in the 1960s and into the 1970s that included an appearance at the Newport Folk Festival and at the Smithsonian as well as a show at the Hollywood Bowl. She also was part of the 1966 European tour 'The American Folk & Country Festival.'She also starred on Pete Seeger's television show. She played everywhere once and was a much bigger star than her few record releases suggest. Now Bear Family has acquired several extremely rare Cousin Emmy radio shows and private recordings, coupling them with the almost-as-rare 1940s Decca recordings to present the first-ever portrait of an unjustly forgotten legend.

1.1 I Wish I Was in Bowling Green
1.2 Johnny Booker
1.3 Come on All You Virginia Gals
1.4 Pretty Little Miss Out in the Garden
1.5 Lonesome Road Blues
1.6 I Wish I Was a Single Girl, Again
1.7 Chilly Scenes of Winter
1.8 Barney-O-Barney
1.9 Lost John
1.10 Ruby
1.11 Freight Train Blues
1.12 Milk Cow Blues
1.13 Broken Hearted One You Left Behind
1.14 Free Little Bird
1.15 Opening Theme: Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane the Louisville Radio Shows: First Show
1.16 Turkey in the Straw (Kinfolk Gang)The Louisville Radio Shows: First Show
1.17 Groundhog the Louisville Radio Shows: First Show
1.18 Lost John the Louisville Radio Shows: First Show
1.19 Mother's Grave the Louisville Radio Shows: First Show
1.20 Sowing on the Mountain the Louisville Radio Shows: First Show
1.21 Some of These Days the Louisville Radio Shows: First Show
1.22 Ragtime Annie the Louisville Radio Shows: First Show
1.23 Closing Theme the Louisville Radio Shows: First Show
1.24 Opening Theme Second Show
1.25 Irish Washerwoman (The Shining Fiddlers) Second Show
1.26 Groundhog Second Show
1.27 Truck Driver's Blues (Collard Bros.)Second Show
1.28 Cacklin' Hen Second Show
1.29 Little Joe Second Show
1.30 Closing Theme Second Show
1.31 Opening Theme Third Show
1.32 Arkansas Traveler Third Show
1.33 Fisher's Hornpipe Third Show
1.34 Ruby Third Show
1.35 Wonder Who Will Meet Me There Third Show
1.36 Closing Theme Third Show
1.37 Arkansas Traveler Bonus Track
1.38 Sleepy Lou Bonus Track

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