Creed: Creed

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Artist: Creed

Artist: Creed
Title: Creed

Digitally remastered and expanded edition including six bonus tracks. With 16 page full color booklet 3,500 word essay, enhanced artwork with previously unseen photos, band involvement and new interviews. We've said it once and, no doubt, we'll be saying it many more times in the future, but Memphis, despite it's authentic blues heritage, gave birth to a number of great rock acts that are still remembered with great affection, despite the fact that they may not have topped the national or, indeed, international charts. Chief amongst them were Target and Creed. Two bands that gave it their all, recording for major labels and making a splash that still shake the foundations to this day. For Creed the road to recognition was, like most acts of the era, strewn with disappointment, and difficulties that ultimately brought the band to it's knees, despite valiant attempts to overcome the obstacles. Signed to the prestigious Elektra/Asylum label (home of the Eagles) the band s initial prospects looked bright but progress would soon grind to a halt when they were paired with a country-pop producer who toned down the band's hard rock edge, looking to tame their sound and position them closer to the AOR style popular at the time. But the album didn't neuter their style completely, and leaves us in no doubt about the band's hard rock heart. It was a tough, lean and mean sound, sitting somewhere between the Southern rock style of Molly Hatchet and the raw punch of late '70s hard rock acts such as Aerosmith.

1.1 Keep on Rockin'
1.2 Tied Down
1.3 Firecracker
1.4 You Never See It That Way
1.5 We're Gonna Make It
1.6 Just Can't Stop
1.7 Too Proud to Cry
1.8 Can't Find Love
1.9 Time and Time Again
1.10 You Never See It That Way
1.11 We Need Ya
1.12 Crazy Woman
1.13 Can't Find Love
1.14 Time and Time Again
1.15 Livin' in Dreams

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