Creedence Clearwater Revival

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Green River

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Title: Green River
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP repressing of the classic 1969 third album by one of the world's all-time greatest Rock bands. GREEN RIVER remains a top-selling album in the CCR catalog with over 1.5 million copies sold to date. The album contains the ubiquitous international chart-topping hit, 'Bad Moon Rising' which reached #2 in the Billboard top 200 in the US and #1 in the UK and continues to be a mainstay on Classic Rock radio. An essential must-have for any serious classic rock fan's vinyl collection, GREEN RIVER represents both a true high point in songwriting creativity and the point at which the band's classic sound fully bloomed into the CCR that fans recognize and love today.

1.1 Green River
1.2 Commotion
1.3 Tombstone Shadow
1.4 Wrote a Song for Everyone
1.5 Bad Moon Rising
1.6 Lodi
1.7 Cross-Tie Walker
1.8 Sinister Purpose
1.9 The Night Time Is the Right Time

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