Creolejoe Band: Creole Joe Band

Creolejoe Band: Creole Joe Band
Title: Creole Joe Band
Label: Pra Records

Not one to rest on his musical laurels, legendary Jazz pianist Joe Sample has created the CreoleJoe Band, a musical ensemble inspired by the "la la music" of his youth. Growing up in Southeast Texas with Creole roots, Joe was exposed to the Cajun flavor of the region, including Zydeco music and it's King, Clifton Chenier. Fast forward to 2013 and Joe has gathered a collective of musicians from the southern belt including Clifton's son, accordionist and vocalist, C.J. Chenier, and occasional Crusader collaborator Ray Parker Jr. for Joe, making this record was a joyful experience. From the bluesy soulfulness of "Down Home, Low Down Zydeco Blues" and "If Anybody Ask You," to the fun party vibe of "Zydeco Train" and "CreoleJoe," this is indeed Joe Sample's Creole Folk music.

1.1 Down in New Orleans
1.2 Louisiana Woman Texas Man
1.3 Louisiana Lovin
1.4 Zydeco Train
1.5 Jambalaya Jumble
1.6 Boomti, Boomti, Boom Boom
1.7 You Look Better Goin Than Comin
1.8 Creolejoe
1.9 Zydeco Zoo
1.10 Down Home, Low Down Zydeco Blues
1.11 If Anybody Ask You

Creolejoe Band: Creole Joe Band

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