Crescendolls: Real Deal

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Artist: Crescendolls

Artist: Crescendolls
Title: Real Deal
Product Type: VINYL LP

After our debut album 'Crescendos power trio proudly presents Ten out of ten' we really wanted to record in 'a real studio' where everything including vocals could be recorded live. For the first time since we formed Crescendos we also felt like being produced. A lot of names was thrown about and in the end it came down to Ebbot Lundgren from 'The soundtrack of our life's' or Kleerup. Ebbot was the given choice for the track 'The Real Deal' and with Ebbot; his home studio Svenska Grammofon Studion (SGS). Contact with the producer was supposed to be carried out by a management group we were considering but time went by and nothing happened so we did what we always have done: take care of business ourselves. While recording in SGS funny enough we ran into Kleerup who was there working on his most recent project. He even got to listen to our new tunes which he grooved to with a smile.

1.1 The Real Deal
1.2 Good 'Ol Thrills
1.3 Superman
1.4 Makebelieve Blues
1.5 Catcher in the Rye

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