Cretin: Stranger

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Artist: Cretin

Artist: Cretin
Title: Stranger
Product Type: VINYL LP

After an 8-year absence due to various personal and professional pursuits, California death/grinders Cretin follow up 2006's genius Freakery with Stranger, an album that finds the sickly sweet spot between hilarious and harrowing. Musically, this is what any fan of extreme metal wants to hear. Riffs slice like razors against a speeding train rhythm section, striking the perfect balance for Marissa Martinez to spew the twisted, idiosyncratic words that make up Cretin's infamous lyrics.

1.1 It
1.2 Ghost of Teeth and Hair
1.3 The Beast and the Drowning Bucket
1.4 Knights of the Rail
1.5 We Live in a Cave
1.6 Sandwich for the Attic Angel
1.7 Stranger
1.8 Mister Frye, the Janitor Guy
1.9 Mary Is Coming
1.10 Honey and Venom
1.11 Freakery
1.12 They Buried the Lunchbox
1.13 Husband?
1.14 How to Wreck Your Life in Three Days

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