Cripper: Hyena

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Artist: Cripper

Artist: Cripper
Title: Hyena
Product Type: VINYL LP

Cripper convince with their enthralling mix of old-school and modern Thrash Metal. Served with technical refinement and a lot of groove, they kick ass while being varied and distinct. Since their founding in 2005, the guys and gal from Hanover, Germany left their marks as being a rousing live band, carrying the audience with dashing songs and sweaty shows. On tours with Overkill and Onslaught, Cripper spread their virus throughout Europe. With "Hyëna" Cripper release their 4th studio album. The 11 tracks form a very homogeneous album, but still Cripper manage to give each song a very unique flavor - 11 personalities where Cripper's distinctive style is showing through in every riff and every note. Overall heavier and with a different, more transparent sound concept, "Hyëna" is ready to boost Cripper into the ears of the metal community around the globe. The album is only the appetizer, Cripper are looking forward to presenting the new stuff live!

1.1 Hyena
1.2 Tourniquet
1.3 Bloodshot Monkey Eye
1.4 A Dime for the Establishment
1.5 7 Inches
1.6 Animated Flesh
1.7 The Origin
1.8 Patterns in the Sky
1.9 The Jackhammer
1.10 Patronized
1.11 Pure

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