Cro-Mags: Here's To The Ink In Ya

Cro-Mags: Here&
Title: Here's To The Ink In Ya
Label: Back on Black

Five CD set containing a quintet of furious Cro Mags shows. Taken from Harley Flanagan's personal archive, this CD set features live performances from the iconic New York venue CBGB's, 1985 and 1986, Wellingtons 1986, Electric Banana 1986 and Paradise 1989. This set features a staggering 78 tracks. Any Cro-Mags fan will be satisfied with the track listing which features live versions of "We Gotta Know", "World Peace", "Malfunction", "Street Justice", "Survival Of The Streets", "Hard Times", "Don't Tread On Me", "Death Camps", etc.

1.1 By Myself
1.2 Signs of the Times
1.3 Show You No Mercy
1.4 World Peace
1.5 Malfunction
1.6 Don't Tread on Me
1.7 Life of My Own
1.8 Do Unto Others
1.9 Street Justice
1.10 Survival of the Streets
1.11 Hard Times
1.12 You'll Be the Death of Me (Incomplete)
2.1 Face the Facts
2.2 It's the Limit
2.3 Life of My Own
2.4 When Push Comes to Shove
2.5 Survival of the Streets
2.6 Show You No Mercy
2.7 Go Go Jam
2.8 World Peace
2.9 Do Unto Others
2.10 Don't Tread on Me
2.11 Hard Times
2.12 By Myself
2.13 Everybody's Gonna Die
2.14 Malfunction
2.15 Signs of the Times
3.1 We Gotta Know
3.2 World Peace
3.3 Show You No Mercy
3.4 Malfunction
3.5 Street Justice
3.6 Survival of the Streets
3.7 Seekers of the Truth
3.8 It's the Limit
3.9 Hard Times
3.10 By Myself
3.11 Don't Tread on Me
3.12 Face the Facts
3.13 Do Unto Others
3.14 Life of My Own
3.15 Signs of the Times
3.16 Crush the Demoniac
4.1 We Gotta Know
4.2 World Peace
4.3 Show You No Mercy
4.4 Malfunction
4.5 Street Justice
4.6 Survival of the Streets
4.7 Seekers of the Truth
4.8 It's the Limit
4.9 Hard Times
4.10 By Myself
4.11 Don't Tread on Me
4.12 Face the Facts
4.13 Do Unto Others
4.14 Life of My Own
4.15 Signs of the Times
4.16 Crush the Demoniac
5.1 Apocalypse Now
5.2 Days of Confusion
5.3 Street Justice
5.4 World Peace
5.5 Show You No Mercy
5.6 The Only One
5.7 Don't Tread on Me
5.8 Do Unto Others
5.9 Life of My Own
5.10 Down, But Not Out
5.11 Seekers of the Truth
5.12 Crush the Demoniac
5.13 Then and Now
5.14 Hard Times
5.15 Signs of the Times
5.16 Age of Quarrel
5.17 War Pigs Intro/We Gotta Know
5.18 Malfunction
5.19 Death Camps

Cro-Mags: Here's To The Ink In Ya

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