Crocell: Come Forth Plague

Crocell: Come Forth Plague
Title: Come Forth Plague
Label: Metal Hell

The 3rd hellish full length from old-school Danish death metallers CROCELL will be unleashed from Metal Hell Records in June 2013. CROCELL (featuring members of Danish legends Illdisposed) summons a powerful new vocalist for this album in the form of Asbjørn Steffensen (of Mordax fame). Recorded at Death Island Studios in early 2013 with mastering engineer Marco Angioni to deliver a superior aural audio assault. Come Forth Plague sports a wicked pseudo-medieval biblical style cover, painted by Danish tattoo artist Odin Roar Uldall, this album is pure classic death metal - just the way we like it! Crocell's trademark is classic death metal with tons of raw, Scandinavian power. For fans of true death metal full of catchy grooves, vicious melodies and a super heavy & powerful production as heard on the legendary early death metal albums they definitely won't want to miss this one! This formula formed the basis for "The God We Drowned" (2008) and "The Wretched Eidola" (2011), just as it was vital for Crocell's being chosen as "metal talent of the year" at the Danish Metal Awards, for gaining the band a reputation as an impressive live act, for the band to be chosen as a representative of the Danish metal scene at the SPOT Festival, for loads of great reviews along the way - and a lot more. A reviewer once compared Crocell to "being hit in the face with a wrecking ball... in the best way possible", and nowhere is this more evident than on the live stages. Since the inception Crocell have been an active live unit, and after appearances at festivals and European tours more than ten countries have witnessed the intense incarnation of death metal epitomes such as "Winter is Coming", "Behind the Veil" and "The Age of Iron and Rust". In 2012 Crocell replaced former lead singer Magnus Jørgensen with Asbjørn Steffensen (Mordax) and with this new line-up it didn't take long to craft the third album, "Come Forth Plague". Without straying from the fundamental formula, "Come Forth Plague" displays a somewhat more brutal side of Crocell, not least illustrated by fast songs such as "The Dark I Will Inhale", "Servants of Light" and the black metal-like atmosphere of "My Path of Heresy". Produced in Death Island Studio without triggers and with due respect for the old classic virtues, the album sounds like death metal was meant to sound: dirty, heavy and mean. CD comes with a 12 page full color art booklet with full lyrics.

1.1 Perfidious Ceremony
1.2 The Dark I Will Inhale
1.3 Trembling Realms
1.4 Teachings of Terror - Doctrines of Death
1.5 My Path of Heresy
1.6 Seven Thrones
1.7 Servants of Light
1.8 Scars of Red
1.9 Come Forth Plague

Crocell: Come Forth Plague

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