Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles: Crystal Castles

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Artist: Crystal Castles

Artist: Crystal Castles
Title: Crystal Castles

2010 album from the critically acclaimed duo. Ethan Kath and Alice Glass have created an unexpected level of excitement and cult loyalty, clocking up a staggering 50 million plays on MySpace and Lastfm and headlining sold out tours around the world. Produced by Ethan Kath, tracks were recorded and written in contrasting environments around the world, including a church in Iceland, a self-built cabin in Ontario, and a garage behind an abandoned convenience store in Detroit.

1.1 Fainting Spells
1.2 Celestica
1.3 Doe Deer
1.4 Baptism
1.5 Year of Silence
1.6 Empathy
1.7 Suffocation
1.8 Violent Dreams
1.9 Vietnam
1.10 Birds
1.11 Pap Smear
1.12 Not in Love
1.13 Intimate
1.14 I Am Made of Chalk

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