Cult of Youth

Cult of Youth: Cult of Youth

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Artist: Cult of Youth

Artist: Cult of Youth
Title: Cult of Youth

Cult of Youth is a neo-folk masterpiece, perhaps the first of it's kind from an American band. Although still rooted in the acoustic guitar driven Teutonic chants of the early material, the focus has changed and the scope is broader. Cult of Youth shifts from delicate pagan folk music reminiscent of Paul Giovanni's landmark soundtrack to the Wicker Man, to hazy Turkish psychedelic passages, and even to the rugged Americana of traditional country music. This debut is an unapologetic and unabashed search for a spiritual identity in an increasingly homogenized world.

1.1 New West
1.2 The Dead Sea
1.3 Monsters
1.4 Casting Thorns
1.5 Through the Fear
1.6 Weary
1.7 The Pole-Star
1.8 Cold Black Earth
1.9 Lorelei
1.10 The Lamb
1.11 Lace Up Your Boots

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