Curry, Jessica / Fowler, Jim: Little Orpheus (Original Soundtrack)

Curry, Jessica / Fowler, Jim: Little Orpheus (Original Soundtrack)
Title: Little Orpheus (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Black Screen Records
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Black Screen Records is proud to release the official soundtrack to The Chinese Room's epic side-scrolling adventure game Little Orpheus, composed by Jim Fowler & Jessica Curry on 180g double black vinyl this fall. Jessica Curry's & Jim Fowler's beautiful soundtrack, cut at 45RPM and remastered for vinyl by John Webber at Air Studios (London) and comes in a gorgeous gatefold sleeve with all-new original artwork by Nathan Anderson.

1.1 Comrades
1.2 To the Centre!
1.3 The Jungles of Plutonia
1.4 Toll's March
1.5 Comrade Privalov
1.6 Interiornaut!
1.7 Not Lost
1.8 But Stolen!
1.9 A Death-Defying Escape
1.10 Ivan and the Whale
1.11 Enslaving the Menkv
1.12 Beef Investigations in Zlatoust
1.13 Agartha and Other Wonders
1.14 The Shattering City
1.15 A Strangely Beautiful Place
1.16 And It Happened Like This
1.17 Escaping the Worm
1.18 The Icy Lands of Sannikov
1.19 A Race to Save the World
1.20 The Forgotten Waves
1.21 Stealing Eggs
1.22 The Prophecies of Lemuria
1.23 Mortal Peril and Other Adventures
1.24 Crossing the Metagalacticus
1.25 An Impoverished Childhood in Omsk
1.26 The World Clock
1.27 The Hunt of the Little Orpheus

Curry, Jessica / Fowler, Jim: Little Orpheus (Original Soundtrack)

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Product-type:12-INCH SINGLE

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