Cursive: Happy Hollow

Cursive: Happy Hollow
Title: Happy Hollow
Label: Saddle Creek

Their most recent record, the Ugly Organ racked up considerable accolades: named one of 2003's best records by Blender, called "the best album of (the band's) career" by the NY Times, and given a 4-star rating by Rolling Stone. Happy Hollow is an expansion of their trademark discordant swell, marked by a new bounce, a buoyant strut, and a recognition that hey, this is fun. The themes addressed here include shattered American dreams, small town malaise, and religious hypocrisy.

1.1 Opening the Hymnal/Babies
1.2 Dorothy at Forty
1.3 Big Bang
1.4 Bad Sects
1.5 Flag and Family
1.6 Dorothy Dreams of Tornadoes
1.7 Retreat!
1.8 The Sunks
1.9 At Conception
1.10 So-So Gigilo
1.11 Bad Science
1.12 Into TH Fold
1.13 Rise Up! Rise Up!
1.14 Hymns for the Heathen

Cursive: Happy Hollow

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