Curtis Fuller

Curtis Fuller: The Story Of Cathy and Me

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Curtis Fuller

Title: The Story Of Cathy and Me
Label: Challenge

1.1 Interlude 1: My Name Is Curtis Dubois Fuller
1.2 Little Dreams
1.3 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
1.4 I Asked ; She Said Yes
1.5 The Right to Love
1.6 My Lady's Tears
1.7 Interlude 2: My Children
1.8 Sweetness
1.9 Look What I Got
1.10 Interlude 3: Cancer
1.11 A Horrible Experience
1.12 Life Was Good
1.13 What Went Wrong
1.14 Love Was Everything When Love Was You and Me
1.15 Too Late Now
1.16 Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year
1.17 Interlude 4: My Wish for Cathy and My Friends

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