Cynic: Traced in Air

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Cynic

Title: Traced in Air
Label: Season of Mist

Fifteen years after their legendary, genre-bending debut, FOCUS, jazz fusion / death / prog-metal pioneers deliver the fantastic, TRACED IN AIR. True to this bands legend status, this sophomore release sees the nebulous crew reach new heights of exploration, straight into the heart of CYNICs soul. Like the bands debut, this landmark effort in originality and foresight erases and re-traces the lines between musical genres. Featuring Paul Masvidal & Sean Reinert from the Human line-up of the legendary band, DEATH! These virtuoso visionaries influenced every prog- metal band out today from DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN to OPETH to MESHUGGAH. The only predictable thing about the proficient pioneer that is "Traced in Air" is certain to become an earmark in the evolution of modern metal.

1.1 Nunc Fluens
1.2 The Space for This
1.3 Evolutionary Sleeper
1.4 Integral Birth
1.5 The Unknown Guest
1.6 Adam's Murmur
1.7 King of Those Who Know
1.8 Nunc Stans

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