Cynthesis: Reevolution

Cynthesis: Reevolution
Title: Reevolution
Label: Sensory Records

ReEvolution is the middle part of a dystopian trilogy begun with 2011's DeEvolution. The central character, a shaman, is sent out to gather more slaves. He comes across a tribe and senses a light within them that triggers a distant memory of his past. He realizes thjis is the original tribe he was taken from. He brings them back to the city and encounters what was done to the population and sets them free. While Cynthesis maintains much of the Zero Hour tech metal influence, it also demonstrates the more melodic and atmospheric side of Jasun Tipton's songwriting. ReEvolution will appeal to fans of both Progressive Rock and Metal.

1.1 Divine Night
1.2 Convergence
1.3 The Grand Facade
1.4 A Most Trivial Pursuit
1.5 Persistence of Visions
1.6 The Noble Lie
1.7 Release the Deity

Cynthesis: Reevolution

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