Cypress Spring: Denim

Cypress Spring: Denim
Title: Denim
Label: Average Joe's Ent.

2017 release. Cypress Spring s music epitomizes the down home, Southern way of life that fans wholeheartedly embrace. Already positioned to take the country rap scene by storm with the debut album Denim, the Florida-based band is connecting with audiences both at their exciting live shows and through their catchy new music, as evidenced by strong sales and increasing fan engagement. On Denim you'll hear songs about dropping a tailgate, bumping a good song on a dirt road and being proud of where you're from. The title song is a feel-good, throwback track that has a groove which sings of how hot Southern women look better dressed in denim. "Way Of Life", featuring country's hit duo The LACS and Danny Boone, is a proud anthem of a country boy's life and experiences. The song talks about Cypress Spring's Southern lifestyle and how they're proud to live the life that they do. The dance club favorite 'Country Girl Twerk' is catching on like wildfire, and both the party anthem 'Drop a Tailgate' - featuring country star Colt Ford - and 'Run Through It' are becoming fan favorites. Produced by Phivestar (LACS, Colt Ford, Lenny Cooper, Charlie Farley), Denim boasts true country lyrics seamlessly melded together with a hip hop beat. This is just the beginning for Cypress Spring.

1.1 Country Boy Swag
1.2 Drop a Tailgate F/ Colt Ford
1.3 Denim
1.4 Way of Life F/ the Lacs, Danny Boone
1.5 She Gets Rowdy
1.6 Hell of a Time
1.7 Run Through It
1.8 Country Girl Twerk
1.9 How We Ride F/Charlie Farley
1.10 Whose Truck Is That?
1.11 Bump in Her Country
1.12 Bootleg Style

Cypress Spring: Denim

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