D-Fekt: Schattenseite

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Artist: D-Fekt

Artist: D-Fekt
Title: Schattenseite
Product Type: VINYL LP

Deep instrumental hip hop for fans of Melting Pot Music, Jakarta, etc. D-Fekt is primarily known as an MC from the band "Weltuntergang". Just recently he, Grasime and L-One released the album "Dokmatiker's Elfen" (Tieftonkultur), where D-Fekt proved his rap skills. Beyond that, the musical all-rounder produces a part of the beats for himself and his bandmate Grasime. With "Schattenseite" he's now releasing his firstl instrumental album on 58Beats that reflects various facets of his songs - melodic, soft, chilly, driving, sometimes almost poetic or melancholic, but always in a positive mood off the beaten tracks. While others are sleeping, D-Fekt is using the silence of the night for creativity which paved the way for many new songs that were composed during the last 3 years. 15 of these tracks were selected for the album "Schattenseite". Space sounds, destructive, synthesized melodies, earthy, pumping drum tones, creaky bass lines and soulful, jazzy notes get mixed up uncompromisingly.

1.1 Ontri
1.2 Wind
1.3 Pinot
1.4 Metall
1.5 Pump
1.6 Rollen
1.7 Error
1.8 Schattenseite
1.9 Brand
1.10 Mai
1.11 Real Bullshit
1.12 SCHÖN
1.13 Vorbei
1.14 Guter Schluck
1.15 Nachttram

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