D.I.T.C.: Rare Breaks: Stack One

D.I.T.C.: Rare Breaks: Stack One
Title: Rare Breaks: Stack One
Label: Diggin in the Crates

The Diggin' in the Crates Crew, also known as D.I.T.C., is a New York-based Hip-Hop collective, deriving it's name from a popular DJ sampling practice. It's members have achieved substantial and consistent recognition in both underground rap circles, often collaborating with undiscovered talent and underground artists (Madlib produces the first track on A.G.'s new album) alongside the most commercial of rappers (Puff Daddy and Nelly have both been featured on Fat Joe's albums). Two of it's best claims to fame are the extremely talented, but deceased, member Big L and affilliate Big Pun.[1]

1.1 [Untitled]
1.2 [Untitled]
1.3 [Untitled]
1.4 [Untitled]
1.5 [Untitled]
1.6 [Untitled]
1.7 [Untitled]
1.8 [Untitled]
1.9 [Untitled]
1.10 [Untitled]
1.11 [Untitled]
1.12 [Untitled]
1.13 [Untitled]
1.14 [Untitled]
1.15 [Untitled]
1.16 [Untitled]
1.17 [Untitled]
1.18 [Untitled]
1.19 [Untitled]
1.20 [Untitled]
1.21 [Untitled]
1.22 [Untitled]
1.23 [Untitled]
1.24 [Untitled]
1.25 [Untitled]
1.26 [Untitled]
1.27 [Untitled]
1.28 [Untitled]
1.29 [Untitled]
1.30 [Untitled]

D.I.T.C.: Rare Breaks: Stack One

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