D.O.a.: Hardcore 81

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Product Type: CD
Artist: D.O.a.

Title: Hardcore 81
Label: Sudden Death

Digitally remastered 30th Anniversary edition of the Canadian Punk band's 198 sophomore album. It comes with an extensive 12-page booklet that features lots of photos and old school flyers. Tracks like 'D.O.A.,' 'Slumlord' and 'Unknown' lash out at the listener, as well the incredible 'Fucked Up Baby' and 'Smash the State' just spear you right in the gut. This album has influenced three generations of fans and artists like: Rancid, Henry Rollins, Jello Biafra, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Green Day, NOFX and Sonic Youth.

1.1 D.O.A
1.2 Unknown
1.3 Slumlord
1.4 Musical Interlude
1.5 I Don't Give a Shit
1.6 M.C.T.F.D
1.7 Communication Breakdown (Written By Led Zepplin)
1.8 001 Losers' Club
1.9 Fucked Up Baby
1.10 The Kenny Blister Song
1.11 Smash the State
1.12 My Old Man's a Bum
1.13 Bloodsucker Baby
1.14 Waiting for You
1.15 General Strike
1.16 Race Riot
1.17 A Season in Hell/Burn It Down
1.18 Burn It Down [Live]

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