D.O.a.: War on 45

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Product Type: CD
Artist: D.O.a.

Title: War on 45
Label: Sudden Death

Originally released in 1982 as an 8 song 12" EP, the original War on 45 is still available from Sudden Death. In light of the dangerous era of war that we are stuck in, it seemed like high time to re-release this early D.O.A. classic. Most of the original EP has been coupled with a whole slew of D.O.A.'s best activist songs. Now you get 18 tracks including 'World War 3', 'Warmonger', 'We Don't Need No God Damn War' and more. 2005.

1.1 Liar for Hire
1.2 I'm Right, You're Wrong
1.3 America the Beautiful
1.4 War
1.5 I Hate You
1.6 War in the East
1.7 Class War
1.8 World War 3
1.9 Smash the State
1.10 Masters of War
1.11 Earache
1.12 Eve of Destruction
1.13 We Don't Need No God Damn War
1.14 Warmonger
1.15 Bombs Away
1.16 World Falls Apart
1.17 Fortunate Son
1.18 No God No War

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