Gerard Schwarz: Peter Ibbetson

D. Taylor: Peter Ibbetson
Title: Peter Ibbetson
Label: Naxos American

From it's triumphant, star-studded premiere in 1931 until 1985, Peter Ibbetson was the most-performed American opera at the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

1.1 Act I: Dear Lady, Shall We Dance? (Colonel Ibbetson, Mrs Deane, Mrs Glyn, Madge, Charlie, Guy, Diana)
1.2 Act I: Dear Friend, What Is the Poem Called? (Colonel Ibbetson, Mrs Glyn, Charlie, Guy)
1.3 Act I: Bravo, Colonel, Bravo! (Guests, Diana, Madge, Charlie, Guy, Mrs Glyn, Mrs Deane, Colonel Ibbetson, Servant, Peter Ibbetson)
1.4 Act I: I Can See Again the Old Garden at Passy (Peter, Voice of Mme Seraskier, Voice of Pasquier de la Mari?Re, Mrs Deane)
1.5 Act I: And Now, Do As I Tell You! (MRS Deane, Peter, Colonel Ibbetson, Servant, Mary, Duchess of Towers, Mrs Glyn, Madge, Diana, Charlie, Guy, Guests)
1.6 Act I: I Could Never Dedicate My Days (Mary)
1.7 Act I: What a Sad Fate Is Ours (Diana, Madge, Charlie, Guy, Mary, Peter, Mrs Deane, Colonel Ibbetson)
1.8 Act II Scene 1: Par Ici, Monsieur (Achille, Peter, Victorine)
1.9 Act II Scene 1: Monsieur, M'excusera Si Je Garde Mon Chapeau (Major Duquesnois, Peter, Nurse)
1.10 Act II Scene 1: Who Is That Lady Yonder, in the Carriage? (Peter, Victorine, Chorus of the Dream)
1.11 Act II Scene 2: Dors, Mignonne, C'est L'heure Qui Sonne (Voice of Mme Seraskier, Mary, Peter)
1.12 Act II Scene 2: Give Me Your Hands (Mary, Peter)
1.13 Act II Scene 2: Comme Un Chien Dans Un Jeu de Quille (Captain Ibbetson, Mme Pasquier, Peter)
1.14 Act II: Orchestral Interlude - the Storm
1.15 Act II Scene 3: Par Ici, Madame la Duchesse (Achille, Mary, Victorine)
2.1 Act II Scene 3: You Are Peter Ibbetson (Mary, Peter)
2.2 Act II Scene 3: My God?Mimsey! (Peter, Mary)
2.3 Act III Scene 1: I Wish He Would Come (MRS Glyn, Mrs Deane, Peter, Servant)
2.4 Act III Scene 1: Comme Un Chien Dans Un Jeu de Quille (Colonel Ibbetson, Peter, Mrs Glyn, Mrs Deane)
2.5 Act III Scene 2: Is It Time? (Peter, Chaplain)
2.6 Act III Scene 2: Is the Chaplain There? (MRS Deane, Peter, the Prison Governor, Chaplain)
2.7 Act III Scene 3: en Revenant D'auvergne (Chorus of the Dream, Peter)
2.8 Act III Scene 3: She Does Not Hear! (Peter, Mary)
2.9 Act III Scene 4, Epilogue: How Is He Tonight? (MRS Deane, Turnkey, Peter)
2.10 Act III Scene 4, Epilogue: Beloved? Mimsey! Mimsey! (Mary, Peter, Chorus of the Dream)

Gerard Schwarz: Peter Ibbetson

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