Dad Brains

Dad Brains: Dad Brains

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Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Dad Brains

Title: Dad Brains
Label: Pirates Press Record
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

California's Dad Brains unveiled their self-titled debut EP and a video for 'I'm Old' through the LA Weekly on Father's Day (2018). We are extremely happy to offer up a 7' EP of those incredible (& incredibly hilarious) tracks! This Southern California-based band of punk rock dads, is comprised of exmembers of NO MOTIV (Vagrant Records), THE MISSING 23RD (Sessions Records), CREEP DIVISION (American hardcore/punk band that featured members of GOOD RIDDANCE) and THE F-ING WRATH. Dad Brains started out of emotions skyrocketed with love, fear, anxiety, and all that stuff new daddies think of when they realize that it's not about 'you' anymore. Sleepless nights, dark clouds of hormones, baby poop everywhere, breast milk taking over the freezer and even mother-in-laws sleeping on the living room couch; what else can a musician do to vent but start a band?! Longtime friend and multi-talented producer Roger Camero (NO MOTIV, SILVER SNAKES, THE VELVET TEEN, THE WARRIORS) recorded their first self-titled EP-the five punk rock gems [totaling less than 10 minutes!] that you have here... I mean, seriously? What more could you ask for... Amazingly catchy and comical songs about the struggles and love of parenting. We're all in this together! Dad Brains lead with love... Love for family and friends, love for the struggle and love for the mosh... This is... Dad Brains. PRESS 'Dad Brains Is The Perfect Dad-Themed Punk Rock Band' - Metal Injection 'It is a fact scientifically proven that fathers across the world are woefully unable to let the opportunity for a good, laboured pun pass them by. Nowhere is this more adeptly proven than with the advent of Californian punk rockers Dad Brains, a four-piece of fathers banded together by their white-hot desire to unleash their ultimate dad joke on the world-and make a racket while doing it.' - LouderSound

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