Dale Ann Bradley

Dale Ann Bradley: Things She Couldn't Get Over

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Title: Things She Couldn't Get Over
Label: Pinecastle

Dale Ann Bradley has always expressed in her recordings the boundlessness of bluegrass music and it's musicians and vocalists by incorporating songs from all styles into her shows and albums. The success of her formula is undeniable, as evidenced by two Grammy nominations, an induction into the Kentucky Hall of Fame, and five IBMA Awards for Best Female Vocalist. "Bluegrass can go anywhere, do anything, rip your heart out and make you laugh," she says. With her upbringing- much like that of her music heroes, it is no small wonder that when listening to her one is struck by the overwhelming nod to days past. Her home in the coal fields of Appalachia had no running water or "safe" electricity until she was a senior in high school. "One light socket and an extension cord kept a 1950's "Philco" refrigerator, box fan, and radio going. Looking back now I know how dangerous that was." Along with living in an extremely rural atmosphere, there were heavy religious restrictions as well. Her father worked hard in construction, coal mining as well as a minister in the Primitive Baptist tradition. In 2020, after signing a multi year contract with Pinecastle, she left Sister Sadie to focus on her solo work with her new band MoonRunner, featuring Kim Fox on guitar and background vocals, Matt Leadbetter on dobro, Mike Sumner on banjo, and Ethan Burkhardt on bass. Her first album with the new lineup, Things She Couldn't Get Over, will be released in early 2021. The first single from the album, "Falling Down," is out now on Pinecastle Records

1.1 Living on the Edge
1.2 Things She Couldn't Get Over
1.3 After While
1.4 Yellow Creek
1.5 Falling Down
1.6 Pearl
1.7 Lost More Than I Knew
1.8 Lynwood
1.9 L.A. International Airport
1.10 In the en

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