Damaged Bug

Damaged Bug: Bunker Funk

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Damaged Bug

Artist: Damaged Bug
Title: Bunker Funk

2017 release. "Oh my, what is this? The alien globule of Damaged Bug's errant planet has circled the sun and is re-entering our orbit where last year's Cold Hot Plumbs left off. Urgent falsetto morbidities detail this most rhythmically adventurous offering yet: Bunker Funk - syncopating lush landscapes with moon-shot death rays.

1.1 Structure Image Approach
1.2 Bog Dash
1.3 The Cryptologist
1.4 Slay the Priest
1.5 Ugly Gamma
1.6 Rick's Jummy
1.7 Gimme Tamanthum
1.8 No One Notice the Fly
1.9 Bunker Funk
1.10 Mood Slime
1.11 Liquid Desert
1.12 Heavy Cathedral
1.13 Unmanned Scanner
1.14 The Night Shopper

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