Dan Burke

Dan Burke: Upcoming Events

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dan Burke

Title: Upcoming Events
Label: No Fun Productions

Further exploring the collaborative powers of Illusion of Safety mastermind Dan Burke and prolific sound crafter Thomas Dimuzio, Upcoming Events is an unending spur of equal parts gorgeous and uncomfortably perplexing sound spread of 15 tracks. Crackles of electronic fire, tremolo-infused waves of sustained guitar, broken music boxes and found sounds among all other sorts of unfounded wails of gargantuan melancholy drone, Burke and Dimuzio's collaboration is a forceful collection of early industrial sound ruination combined with classic Kraut-rock ambiance of the Tangerine Dream/Cluster ilk reassuringly composed into something wholly modern and powerful.

1.1 Deregulation
1.2 Closed Circuit
1.3 Upcoming Events
1.4 Infecticidal
1.5 Freedom Fries
1.6 In God We Trust
1.7 Devil's Torrent
1.8 Umbrella Sanctions
1.9 Arc'd
1.10 Leave Here Right Now
1.11 Operative
1.12 Aggregate
1.13 Primordial Decree
1.14 Media Storm
1.15 Transmission

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