Dani Siciliano: I'm the Question

Dani Siciliano: I&
Title: I'm the Question
Label: Circus Company
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Dani Siciliano presents I'm the Question, the lead single from her 2016 self-titled album. I'm the Question revels in her playful and unconventional approach to pop, her voice soaring in a swirl of crafty production. Parisian producer Ben Vedren's dancefloor variations nod to Siciliano's house music roots, building on his releases for Minibar and Concrete Music. His first remix uses driving drums to carry Siciliano's vocals through a club-ready confection. His Acapella Remix uses simple rhythmic guidance to leave ample space for the vocals; it's a track that cries out for the kind of creative mixing that suits Siciliano's unique music.

1.1 I'm the Question
1.2 I'm the Question (Ben Vedren Remix)
1.3 I'm the Question (Ben Vedren 'Acapella' Remix)

Dani Siciliano: I'm the Question

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