Danielson Famile: Ships

Danielson Famile: Ships
Artist: Danielson Famile
Title: Ships
Product Type: VINYL LP

The sixth and most accessible album to date, featuring a star-studded cast of players including Deerhoof, Sufjan Stevens, Sereena-Maneesh, and more. What began as a senior thesis project a decade ago has evolved into a musical world so rich with musicality and merrymaking that the first six albums and ten years of touring pomp alone could nourish the most scrutinizing of thrill-seekers. There's no hard distinction between the visuals (costumes and graphics) and the music from this suburban New Jersey group. "One enters your heart through your eyes, one through your ears," says Daniel. On tour May through September throughout the US.

1.1 Shipthemajesticsuffix
1.2 Castitatthesettingsail
1.3 Bloodbookonthehalfshell
1.4 Didisteponyourtrumpet
1.5 Whenitcomestoyoui?Lazy
1.6 Twosittingducks
1.7 Mylionsleepstonight
1.8 Kidspushingkids
1.9 Timethatbaldsexton
1.10 Hewhoflattenedyourflameisgettingtorched
1.11 Fivestarsandtwothumbsup

Danielson Famile: Ships

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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