Danny Cohen: Shades of Dorian Gray

Danny Cohen: Shades of Dorian Gray
Title: Shades of Dorian Gray
Label: Anti

Cohen has been mentioned in the same breath as everyone from Tom Waits, Vic Chesnut and Jad Fair to Daniel Johnston and the Residnets. Danny, a one-time cohort of Captain Beefheart has stepped up the arrangements on his latest release. Mellotrons, horns, organs and lap steel adorns these sixteen songs full of riotous images and indelible hooks, sounding positively Wilson-esque. SHADES is the musical equivalent of an accomplished painting. Equally cerebal and serendipitous, Cohen's third album on Anti is an eclectic song cycle that thrives, informs and rewards with each successive listen.

1.1 Prayer in the Black ; White
1.2 Avian Blues
1.3 For George Bailey, Lapado ; Bottom
1.4 Vertigo
1.5 Drawing in the Dark
1.6 Devil Brat
1.7 Cold Snap Conundrum
1.8 Palm of My Hand
1.9 The Prophecy
1.10 Noah Baine
1.11 Confection of Bullshit
1.12 The Fall
1.13 Sunday in Richmond
1.14 Death Waltz
1.15 Rigormortis (On the Ridge)
1.16 Beneath the Shroud

Danny Cohen: Shades of Dorian Gray

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