Danny Denial: Fuck Danny Denial

Danny Denial: Fuck Danny Denial
Title: Fuck Danny Denial
Label: Cruisin Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Danny Denial, also known for his work in Seattle band Dark Smith, is a solo artist and filmmaker listed in Status Magazine as the "POC of the Queer Punk & Alternative Scene to Watch" and in Afropunk as one of the "8 Punkest Bands on the Planet Right Now". After two full-length alternative rock records, Goodbye (2017) and Dead Like Me (2018), Denial set out to explore new themes and sounds for his third LP, fuck danny denial, working with New York producers Bibz and Jamie McArdle and Seattle engineer Aaron C. Schroeder of Pierced Ears Recordings to create an ever-shifting genre-curious collection of songs that tell a story in broad strokes. The record charts a yearlong exploration of highs/lows, power/rejection and euphoria/dysphoria, with the common theme being extremes - how self-perception can lead to narcissism and confusion in a way that's both manic and depressive. Fuck danny denial is a 10-song LP with special appearances by Seattle artists DoNormaal, Eva Walker from The Black Tones, Rat Queen, and Razor Clam, due out in spring 2020 with the visual album/short film CONDiTiONER

1.1 Mercer Summit Block Party/Brand New Skirt
1.2 Am I Cool Enough for Your Love
1.3 I'm Not Your Type (Feat. Donormaal)
1.4 Scorpio Eyes
1.5 Conditioner
1.6 Ccchokemeee
1.7 Everything Is Terrible
1.8 White Tears Fake Queers (Feat. Rat Queen, Dirty Dirty, Slow Elk, ; Razor Clam)
1.9 Totally Fucked Up (Feat. Eva Walker)
1.10 You Don't Want Me

Danny Denial: Fuck Danny Denial

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