Dara Tucker

Dara Tucker: Dreams Of Waking: Music For A Better World

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dara Tucker

Title: Dreams Of Waking: Music For A Better World
Label: Green Hill

2021 release. This album by consummate vocalist, songwriter and bandleader Dara Tucker features fresh, inspired arrangements of classic singer-songwriter and soul compositions of the protest era. Dreams of Waking gives voice to the cry for social justice and change that has swept across the United States. Songs from such legendary songwriters as Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway and Paul Simon are presented through a jazz lens with a compelling performance from the vocalist and her illustrious band of musicians.

1.1 Secret O' Life
1.2 You Haven't Done Nothin'
1.3 Someday We’ll All Be Free
1.4 Do We Sleep?
1.5 Bridge Over Troubled Water
1.6 Make Someone Happy
1.7 What the World Needs Now
1.8 What's Going On
1.9 Love's in Need of Love Today
1.10 You've Got a Friend
1.11 Wade in the Water
1.12 I Think It's Going to Rain Today

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