Dark at Dawn

Dark at Dawn: Dark at Dawn

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dark at Dawn

Title: Dark at Dawn
Label: Afm Records Germany

Promising fourth album from this metal outfit. No other band combines classic Heavy Metal tunes with Gothic influences and rough vocals like these guys do.

1.1 The Alliance (Full Version for Radio ; Clubs)
1.2 Avalon (Full Version for Radio ; Clubs)
1.3 The Alliance
1.4 Dark and Dawn
1.5 Avalon
1.6 Crossbreed
1.7 Roses of Ligt
1.8 Road to Eternity
1.9 Fearless
1.10 The Passage
1.11 The Ones with Fiery Eyes
1.12 Glorious Duty
1.13 Sons of the Sea
1.14 Keine Titelinformation (Data Track)

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