Darkstar: Civic Jams

Darkstar: Civic Jams
Title: Civic Jams
Label: Warp Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Darkstar return with their fourth album 'Civic Jams' on 15th May. On their most personal record to date, Darkstar counterbalance observations of their home with those of the community surrounding it. 'Civic Jams' is a photonegative of a dance record shaped by a dialogue between shoegaze atmospherics and UK bass music's 'hardcore continuum'. Darkstar find themselves at once looking homeward and venturing further into their own psychic hinterland with each record. They've covered a lot of ground from the introspective expanse of their debut 'North' [2010], to utopian visions of society in 'News From Nowhere' [2013] and the unique dynamics of a pre-Brexit northern England on 'Foam Island' [2015]. On their latest offering, home is within reach. Inspired by the intervening years, Darkstar (aka Aiden Whalley and James Young) show how the personal can be political and reveal more of themselves than they've ever done before. Imagine emotional realism built from spectral rave echoes, anchored in timeless songs of love and loss in the digital now and you've got

1.1 Forest
1.2 Jam
1.3 1001
1.4 30 Feat. Laura Groves
1.5 Wolf
2.1 Loon
2.2 Tuesday
2.3 Text
2.4 Blurred

Darkstar: Civic Jams

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