Darlia: Petals

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Artist: Darlia

Artist: Darlia
Title: Petals

Our debut album to share our sound. You'll know some of the songs and some of them you won't, but we think you'll love them. We felt it was time to put out a solid and legitimate spectrum of songs, and because we have just so many of them, it was our decision to put this out before we go on to release a full length album. If you purchase from our store we're gonna sign them for you until our pens run out. (Then we'll get more pens).

1.1 Stars Are Aligned
1.2 I've Never Been to Ohio
1.3 Queen of Hearts (2015)
1.4 Candyman
1.5 Dear Diary
1.6 Say Your Prayers
1.7 Pandemonium (Acoustic)
1.8 Candyman (Acoustic)

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