Dave Carter

Dave Carter: Tanglewood Tree

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dave Carter

Artist: Dave Carter
Title: Tanglewood Tree

Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer stunning debut Tanglewood Tree. Armed with a have dozen acoustic instrumetns and some of the most lyrically inspried and mystical country songs you'll ever hear.

1.1 Happytown (All Right with Me)
1.2 Tanglewood Tree
1.3 The Mountain
1.4 Farewell to Saint Delores
1.5 Hey Conductor
1.6 Crocodile Man
1.7 Walkin' Away from Caroline
1.8 Farewell to the Fiddler's Rim
1.9 Cat-Eye Willie Claims His Lover
1.10 Cowboy Singer
1.11 Farewell to Bitterroot Valley

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