Dave Davies: I Will Be Me

Dave Davies: I Will Be Me
Title: I Will Be Me
Label: Cleopatra

The man who forever changed the sound of rock n roll when he invented distortion presents this brand new solo album of all original material! Featuring guest appearances by the Jayhawks, Anti-Flag, award winning UK blues guitarist Oli Brown, the Bloody Hollies, Chris Spedding, US stoner rock band Dead Meadow, Aussie rockers the Art, and others.

1.1 Little Green Amp
1.2 Livin' in the Past
1.3 The Healing Boy
1.4 Midnight in L.A
1.5 In the Mainframe
1.6 Energy Fields
1.7 When I First Saw You
1.8 The Actress
1.9 Erotic Neurotic
1.10 You Can Break My Heart
1.11 Walker Through the Worlds
1.12 Remember the Future
1.13 Cote Du Rhone [I Will Be Me]

Dave Davies: I Will Be Me

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