Dave Gleason Wasted Days: Just Fall to Pieces

Dave Gleason: Just Fall to Pieces
Title: Just Fall to Pieces
Label: Well Worn Records

Formed in 2000, the Wasted Days move with the confidence and abiding skill of Music Row's best. In their hands, Gleason's heartfelt road songs and beating heart laments swing hard. Gleason's songwriting gifts come to the fore on his latest release, JUST FALL TO PIECES, an endlessly winning song cycle destined to burn off boot leather in barrooms from Tehachapi to Timbuktu. A blessed mix of loose and snap tight, Gleason's Wasted Days compare nicely with the Paladins, the Jayhawks and Marty Stuart's Fabulous Superlatives. Their unabashed love of deep-rooted country, shines through every track on JUST FALL TO PIECES, which features guest appearances from guitarists Albert Lee & Jim Campilongo, Red Meat's Michael Montalto, pedal steel whiz Joe Goldmark, keyboardist Dan Eisenberg and Thom Moore of the Moore Brothers.

1.1 Look at the Way You've Become
1.2 Right Back to Her Heart
1.3 Train of Blue
1.4 Rusty Ol' Halo
1.5 The Good's Been Gone
1.6 Take Your Memory with You
1.7 Just Fall to Pieces
1.8 Neon Rose
1.9 Since You Went Away
1.10 (Wine) Take Away My Mind
1.11 Couldn't Give You Anything
1.12 Campin' with a Cat
1.13 Wildfire (In Your Eyes)

Dave Gleason Wasted Days: Just Fall to Pieces

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