Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews: Live At Luther College

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Artist: Dave Matthews

Artist: Dave Matthews
Title: Live At Luther College
Product Type: VINYL LP

Live at Luther College is a live album by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds recorded at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, On February 6, 1996, Dave Matthews and guitarist Tim Reynolds played an intimate set at Iowa's Luther College, wowing fans with acoustic arrangements of Dave Matthews Band songs. The two hour-plus set included songs that would appear on that year's Crash, along with fan favorites "Granny" and "Deed Is Done" otherwise unreleased at the time of the 1999 debut of the Live At Luther College CD. VINYL LP 2 vinyl discs

1.1 One Sweet World
1.2 #41
1.3 Tripping Billies
1.4 Jimi Thing
1.5 Satellite
1.6 Crash Into Me
2.1 Deed Is Done
2.2 Lover Lay Down
2.3 What Would You Say
2.4 Minarets
2.5 Cry Freedom
2.6 Dancing Nancies
3.1 Typical Situation
3.2 Stream
3.3 Warehouse
3.4 Christmas Song
4.1 Seek Up
4.2 Say Goodbye
4.3 Ants Marching
4.4 Little Thing
4.5 Halloween
4.6 Granny
4.7 Two Step

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