David Clayton-Thomas

David Clayton-Thomas: David Clayton-Thomas / Tequila Sunrise / David Clayton-Thomas

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Title: David Clayton-Thomas / Tequila Sunrise / David Clayton-Thomas
Label: Bgo - Beat Goes on

Blood, Sweat & Tears' singer Clayton Thom-as' two Columbia albums from 1972 and his RCA self-titled LP from 1973. A talented singer and writer (with 'Spinning Wheel' being his biggest hit), Clayton-Thomas filled these abums with many of his own compositions. In 1974 he rejoined BS&T, staying until 1981. He rejoined again in 1984 before leaving (again) in 2004. David Clayton-Thomas continues to gig and record in his native Canada. Digitally remastered and slipcased, and with extensive new notes

1.1 Magnificent Sanctuary Band
1.2 We’re All Meat From
1.3 The Same Bone
1.4 Stealin’ In The Name Of The Lord
1.5 Dying To Live
1.6 Sing A Song
1.7 She
1.8 Don’t Let It Bring You Down
1.9 Once Burned
1.10 North Beach Race-track
1.11 Caress Me Pretty Music
1.12 I Could Just Boogie All Night Long
1.13 Yesterday’s Music
1.14 Friday The 13th Child
1.15 The Face Of Man
1.16 One More Time Around
1.17 Down Bound Train
1.18 No-body Calls Me Prophet
1.19 Last Time That She Cried
1.20 Failin’ By Degrees
1.21 My Song
1.22 Bread ’N Butter Boogie
1.23 I Could Just Boogie All Night (Reprise)
2.1 Harmony Junction
2.2 Workin’ On The Railroad
2.3 Alimony
2.4 Harbor Lady
2.5 When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
2.6 Hernando’s Hideaway
2.7 Sweet Fan-tasy
2.8 Small Family
2.9 Can’t Buy Me Love
2.10 Professor Longhair
2.11 Some Hearts Get All The Breaks

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